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Apple Inc is one such brand name that needs no introduction. Its product and services are widely popular and offers huge advantages. It is an American Multinational technology company and it is headquartered in Cupertino, California. It perfectly designs, develops and also sells consumer electronics, and computer software products and services.

How to Setup Email Application in Apple?

  • First choose preferences from the mail menu
  • Now click on accounts tab
  • Go to the accounts window
  • Click on + sign
  • Go to account settings
  • Now choose add other Mail account
  • Enter your full name
  • Enter your complete email address
  • Now enter your email account password
  • Click on continue button
  • A message will appear that says “Account must be manually configured”
  • Now click on Next
  • It's done!

How to Setup Server Settings In Apple Mail?

While entering the information for your Incoming Mail Server you will need to decide if you would like to use POP3 or IMAP. Well POP3 downloads and removes all the emails from server, and IMAP synchronizes the emails between your email clients and our server perfectly.

  1. Choose your account type
  2. Select either POP or IMAP
  3. Now enter mail.example.com as the incoming mail server
  4. Now enter your full email address as the user name
  5. Now again enter the password of your email account
  6. Now click on Next
  7. Go to Incoming Mail Server Info
  8. Now enter INBOX
  9. If you use IMAP. Just make sure you are using port 143 with no SSL
  10. If you use POP3, make sure you are using port 110 with no SSL

If you choose to use SSL setup, you can follow these steps:

  • First click on show certificate
  • Check the box to always trust the certificate
  • Now click on Connect option
  • Now go to outgoing Mail Server Settings

These steps will help you in setup of email server to Apple devices.

How Do I Configure Email On Mac Devices Using Apple Mail?

  1. First open Mail.
  2. If you haven't added a new account yet, you'll be taken directly to the Add Account prompt.
  3. If you're adding an additional account, or this prompt doesn't otherwise load automatically, you'll need to select Add Account from the Mail menu.
  4. Now go to the ad account option
  5. Select other mail account
  6. Click on continue
  7. Now enter your email account information
  8. Click on create option
  9. Enter your full name
  10. Enter your email address
  11. Enter the password
  12. If your setting is unsuccessful, a message will appear unable to verify account name or password
  13. Fill in the fields using your email info and access domain
  14. Enter your email Address: Your full email address.
  15. Enter User Name: Your full email address
  16. Password: The password to your email account.
  17. Incoming Mail Server: Either your IP address or mail.mt-example.com
  18. Outgoing Mail Server: Either your IP address or mail.mt-example.com
  19. Select email and any others that you'd like
  20. Click Done.

Well, these convenient steps help in configuring email on Mac devices. If there persists any issue or difficulty or any problem then users can connect with us. We avail 24/7 services in the most perfect manner.

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